A Message from Becky Friedman, KTQA Volunteer

volunteer Becky produces a program from her home computer while a cat sits on her lap
Becky produces the KTQA Daily Briefing from her home studio with the help of another eager volunteer

You haven’t missed your opportunity to support Tacoma’s new independent radio station before the end of the year! With your help we can promote and amplify the diverse voices, stories, and talents of Tacoma.

2020 has not been the year anyone expected, and yet KTQA continues to grow. I work in education. Like most schools across the state, mine shut its doors on March 16th. I couldn’t imagine how much life would change over the next nine months! In a matter of days, my dining room table went from serving up farmers market dinners to serving our community by providing you with the KTQA Daily Briefing from our makeshift home studio. At the same time, we worked to provide free laptops and tablets to school kids who suddenly faced remote learning. By August, KTQA crew and friends began work on the build-out phase for our future broadcast studio in the heart of Hilltop. On Halloween, attendees of Tacoma Community House’s drive-thru Trunk or Treat were entertained by spooky music when they tuned to 95.3 FM on their car radios. We teamed up with our friends at VT Radio Universal and Radio Tacoma to bring you live coverage of the November Elections. Local leaders, youth, historians, and activists joined our coverage, and we were proud to provide their commentary and analysis in both Spanish and English.

KTQA has always aspired to be a hub for live broadcast, education, training, and radio creativity in Tacoma. We need your help more than ever! COVID-19 has made radio an essential service as we all heed the call of social distancing. Radio is a lifeline for our friends, neighbors, and isolated elders–it provides resources and updates related to the pandemic, alongside the comforts of unique entertainment. While venues and gathering spots lie dormant, the airwaves are buzzing with music, drama, and news!

KTQA is a registered not-for-profit organization in Washington State. Many nonprofits operate on a shoe-string budget; KTQA’s coffers can be considered barefoot at this critical time! Your donation will go toward helping us achieve federal 501(c)3 designation, obtain music licensing, and cover yearly filing fees, as well as fund capital improvements to critical hardware like microphones and turntables.

As a volunteer broadcaster, producer, and board member of KTQA-LP, I believe that with your help our independent radio station can provide a new outlet of growth, opportunity, and education in Tacoma. What kind of support can you give KTQA and the people of Tacoma today?

If we raise $2500 by the end of the December, we can start 2021 with federal recognition of non-profit status, as well as full music licensing, which opens the door to vastly expanded programming. If we raise $5000, we can fully outfit the broadcast studio with audio equipment to enable in-studio talk shows and live broadcast. How will you help today?