2020 General Election Live Coverage

Crews of KTQA-LP, RadioTacoma, and VT Radio Universal collaborated in the most socially-distanced way possible to bring local perspective and coverage of the general election on the afternoon and evening of November 3rd, 2020. Listen to community members from a variety of walks of life (and languages!) reflect and react to this historic moment.

  • Part 1: Early Bulletins

    Highlights from the 3 and 4 o’clock hours: With time still left to cast ballots, Becky Friedman gives updates from Pierce County election services on ballot drop-off, ballot replacement services, and voting assistance. She conveys an election day message from Tacoma’s Mayor Woodards, and gives very preliminary updates from a few eastern , southern, and mid-west states based an estimated 0.5% of national votes tallied.

  • Part 2: Bill Baarsma and Christine Kilduff

    Marilyn Kimmerling of RadioTacoma chats with Bill Baarsma, head of the Tacoma Historical Society and former Mayor of Tacoma. Bill gives a 40+ year retrospective on how politics in both Washingtons have evolved, with predictions for this election’s outcomes. Louisa Beal and Pam Beal of RadioTacoma, along with Becky Friedman, get the perspective of outgoing 28th LD Respresentative Christine Kilduff on the rise of LGBTQ elected officials and changing demographics in our city and region. A few election-day updates are provided.

  • Part 3: Wobblies

    Becky Friedman, Louisa Beal, Pam Beal, and Marilyn Kimmerling discuss advisory votes, the initiative process, education, legislative advocacy, and vetting and verifying information about campaigns and candidates. Marilyn welcomes Mac MacClallum, who gives a perspective as a member of the IWW, also known as The Wobblies.

  • Part 4: Climate and Indivisible Tacoma

    Climate activist Sean Arendt gives perspective on issues of import to progressive young people. Liz Scott and Damita Odell of Indivisible Tacoma articulate their vision for legislative advocacy this year.

  • Part 5: En EspaƱol

    Becky Friedman switches to Spanish language coverage with members of VT RadioUniversal. Javier Cruz, Chris Lopez Moreno, and Jazmin Ford discuss how unenfranchised residents stay involved in politics and elections, the power of representation, the complex liminality of being Black and Latina, and how immigrant parents encourage and celebrate their children’s citizenship and voting power. The crew gets word that AOC easily won her reelection bid.

  • Part 6: Sex, Drugs and Rock the Poll

    Ranjan Banerji, Lukas Barfield, and Becky Friedman remark how drugs are increasingly winning the drug war. Ranjan and Becky share parental and educator views, respectively, on the value of comprehensive sex education, remote schooling during the pandemic and OSPI’s Chris Reydahl’s reelection. Marilyn catches up with activist Barbara Church on preliminary hints of satisfactory election victories for progressive voters.

  • Part 7: Inconclusive

    With polls closed and more results coming in, Ranjan, Lukas, and Becky continue the discussion of how tonight’s election is markedly different in light of the pandemic and high numbers of mail-in votes, which portends an evening without a clear conclusion.

  • Part 8: Crew Final Refelctions

    At the end of election night, Juan Jose Chavez, Alexander Reiss, Lukas Barfield, Ranjan Banerji, Sam Mulvey, and Becky Friedman reflect on what may be yet to come.