Listen to our 2020 Primary Election Coverage!

Becky Friedman of KTQA and Louisa Beal of KTAH embark on a collaborative remote simulcast to bring coverage and commentary of the August 4, 2020 primary election to listeners in Tacoma, Pierce County, and Washington State.  Throughout the night, the crew works hard to bring both veteran and new political voices to the airwaves.

  • Part 1: Laurie Jinkins, Joe Zaichkin

    Louisa and Becky introduce the evening’s coverage and welcome Washington State Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins, who shares her experience being a “first,” and talks about the inspiration that led to a vast and quirky collection of political mailers. They then speak with Joe Zaichkin, a political newcomer running for Pierce Council Council District 3 position.

  • Part 2: Marcus Young, Beth Doglio, Alex Hayes

    Becky and Louisa welcome Marcus Young, another candidate for Pierce County District 3, who brings experience as a current member of the Bethel School Board. Beth Doglio describes how her teenage son inspires her to fight for climate justice as a candidate vying for the 10th District’s Congressional seat, and they round out the segment speaking with Alex Hayes, a political strategist who challenges both candidates and voters alike to be aware of confirmation bias that threatens to further entrench political divisions.

  • Part 3: Ryan Mello, Jessica Gavre, Justin Camarata, Larry Seaquist, Chrissy Cooley, and the Crew

    Ryan Mello celebrates his apparent victory for the evening as he promotes wide inclusion for all members of the community whose voices are historically unheard, and Jessica Gavre of the South Sound Women’s Leadership PAC describes how the evening’s results may indicate a boon for progressive women candidates come November. Justin Camarata represents the 27th Legislative District Democrats, and shares his vision of a thriving, just community. Larry Seaquist speaks of his vision for restoring democracy, while giving a nod to people-powered community media, and Chrissy Cooley of the Tacoma Public Utilities details how local elections impact and interface with public services. Finally, the whole crew (Louisa, Becky, Sam, Josh, and Carol) share their thoughts on the evening’s broadcast, with an eye toward the November general election.