Swan Creek Celebration 2022

Here are a series of live interviews conducted at MetroParks’ Swan Creek Park opening celebration that was held on April 30, 2022. The day was filled with family friendly activities that celebrated the newly reopened recreation area that is home to Tacoma’s only salmon-bearing stream. Both audio pieces are occasionally rebroadcast during the week on 95.3 FM as part of Tacoma Potpourri.

Many thanks to: Sam Mulvey for technical and production leadership; to KTQA volunteers Ciaran, Saw, Tim, and Becky, and to Luis and Pepe of VTRU, for day-of production assistance; to Rob McAfee, Community Engagement Director for THA’s Salishan community ; to Rosemary Ponnekanti of MetroParks Tacoma; and to all individuals featured in these special audio segments..

  • Our Park, Our Stories

    A series of interviews with east Tacoma and Salishan community residents past and present, featuring Similis, Jamie, Cy, Don, Kyle, CJ, and Scarlet. Historical context for the park is given through the eyes of Don, who spent his adolescence tearing up trails via home-spun go karts in the 70s; Similis reflects on changes since his days exploring the forest as a middle schooler; Kyle shares his appreciation for biking; Jamie, CJ, and Scarlet are all fans of the dog park; Cy is thrilled to have a place his young family can enjoy; and just about everyone shares some underappreciated gems about Tacoma’s vibrant east side.

  • Building and Maintaining the New Swan Creek Park

    A series of interviews with individuals integral to helping the new Swan Creek Park come to fruition, featuring members of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and MetroParks’ CHIP In program. Hear how community members responsibly created and restored miles of mountain biking trails and a pump track on park grounds, and continue to contribute to park maintenance through removal of invasive plant species. Learn how to get involved in both programs at Swan Creek or elsewhere around Tacoma, Pierce County, or Washington State!