KTQA Laptop Program

Laptop requests are currently closed. We are currently processing requests, we’ll update when we have more information or more laptops.

A picture of the available laptops

If you are student in need of a laptop, we might have one for you!  Some of the folks involved in this radio station have been working the last few weeks to assemble some refurbished laptops to give to students in the area who need them.

If you want to hear about what we’ve been up to, we talk about it on a recent episode of the KTQA Daily Briefing.

What We Have

We have tablets, tablets with type cases as pictured above, and full laptops.

If you want something lightweight with a nice screen, the tablet style computers are your best bet.   If you’re worried about durability or intend to do something that requires a lot of processing power, the laptops would be better suited for you.

Systems will have at least 4GB of RAM, and all run the most current Windows 10.   We do not have any Macs, but if you want a machine running Linux, let us know!


Recipients will need to be able to prove that they are a current student in order to receive these laptops.   If you are not a student in need of a machine, contact us separately and we’ll see if we can help.   These computers are fully donated, with ownership transferred to the recipient.

While these computers are donated with no warranty and no guarantees, do contact us if a problem develops with the machine and we will do what we can to repair it.   Keep in mind that the tablets are fairly difficult to repair.

Please note that while we are using the radio station to distribute the laptops, this program is actually the work of individuals, only some of whom are associated with the station.   This is not a scholarship or a contest, nothing is required to receive a computer other than being a local student in need of one.

How do I get one?

You can call or text us at 253-330-8821, or fill out the form below!   The information we collect below is only for the purposes of distributing laptops and will be used in no other way.

Laptop requests are currently closed. We are currently processing requests.