Resolve to Get Involved!

DearA White 1950 Westinghouse table top radio with a gold AM dial; photo has a filter of golden sparkle/lights Friends and Listeners,

With 2020 nearly behind us, I find myself reflecting on KTQA’s exciting accomplishments, but also the curve balls that coronavirus tossed our way this year.

Even with these challenges, KTQA held its first community engagement event in February and continued to uplift and entertain isolated neighbors through the thick of the stay-at-home orders.  And even though its was only my and Sam’s fingers on buttons, we engaged community members through the Daily Briefing, kept the public informed of pandemic-related updates and resources, and provided free laptops and tablets for school kids thanks to the generosity of community members. We’ve only just barely scraped the surface of talents of local artists, creators, organizers, and musicians.

2021 is poised be the year where KTQA truly becomes a community radio station, reflecting the diverse voices of Tacoma. In our case, that’s done with volunteers.  Even two hours a week can make a huge difference to the community we serve.

We’ve got two major openings for volunteers, for a variety of talents and levels of commitment:

Content Committee opportunities:

  • Advise on 1st quarter 2021 program schedule (1-2 hrs/week)
  • Preview & select new shows (1-10 hrs/week)
  • Advise and generate content for the website and social media (1-2 hrs/week)

Finance Committee opportunities:

  • Assist and/or lead fundraising (1-6 hrs/week)
  • Recruit underwriters and sponsors (1-6 hrs/week)
  • Research and apply for grants (1-6 hrs/week)

We’re also looking for a local recommendation for insurance coverage, as well as potential sponsors and underwriters. So, are you looking to start something in the new year? Here’s your chance!  To continue keeping us all safe, volunteering will be remote–for now.

Sam and I have enjoyed our unexpected role as the skeleton crew keeping things going, but the Tacoma needs and deserves more than just two people’s time, attention, and skills to grow KTQA into the community radio station you know it can be.

Every volunteer, every person who contributes an idea or a song, everyone who shares or likes a post–you all add to the richness of this vital project.  Interested in doing a regular show? We’re eager to hear about that too and get you going! Email us at, or call/text us at (253) 330-8821 today! And until it’s safe to gather in person, check out the latest from Sam on how the studio build is coming along–we can’t wait to welcome you!