Current Highlights:

  • Tacoma Potpourri, an assortment of audio pieces from and by Tacomans, (Mon 8am/7pm, Tue 7pm, Wed 8am/7pm, Fri 10am)
  • Spanish language programming from producers at VT Radio Universal (Tue 7am-4pm)
  • Pixel Power Hour with Tim (Thu 5pm)
  • Balanced Sports with Jewelz Mauro (Tue 6pm)
  • Whatcha Got?, the interactive local talent discovery show hosted by Henry Hagen (Tue/Thu 8pm)
  • The Cannabis Corner with Lukas Barfield (Mon 8pm, Fri 6pm)
  • Curated music shows including /dev/random with Sam (Fri 7pm), Medusa with Neiko (Fri 8pm), Waiting Room with DJ Dust (Fri 9pm), DJ Who (Sat 7pm), No, Mine! with Suzanne (Sat 8pm), and Freebase Radio with Lukas (Sat 11pm), and the forthcoming Ska Show With Nick
  • Old Time Radio dramas, sitcoms, and vintage jazz overnight 9pm-7am, all day Saturday, and sprinkled throughout the weekdays!
  • America Through The Eyes of An Illiterate with Felix (Thu 6pm)

Full schedule coming soon!