...we're not. Or at least, not quite.

Even a small radio station is a big deal. We’ve been working at bringing KTQA to central and downtown Tacoma for some time. Just recently, we hit a major milestone when we turned on our transmitter in its new home. So, you’d think that makes us a radio station, right?

Actually, no. To truly become what KTQA should be, it needs community: a community to support, and a community to make it sound great.

Fortunately KTQA lives in a great neighborhood, so we already have a great community to support. To sound great a small, low-power, non-profit radio station like ours needs people. If you’re interested, that means you.

To contact us, you can email us at We hope to hear from you.

Q: What?

Yeah, we should explain. We are KTQA-LP 95.3 FM, a low power community media radio station in Tacoma. Or, as we sometimes say on the air: “KTQA-LP 95.3 FM Tacoma-- so new, no motto even!”

Q: What are your plans?

To serve Tacoma! (No, not like the Twilight Zone.) We’d like to be a permanent button on your radio where you can hear good music, good conversations, and great information about our community.

Q: Are you on the air now? What am I hearing?

Yes, we are on the air right now! Tune to 95.3 on your FM dial, and there we are! We’re still building our studio and the community around it, so for now we’re playing old radio shows. Some of the people working on the stations are big on radio history, so it’s something we can do while we build our studio (and the community around it!) in downtown Tacoma.

Q: Where in Tacoma are you?

The KTQA home studio will be downtown, right off the link. Our transmitter is in Hilltop, so you should be able to hear us all around the area.

Q: There are some other radio groups in Tacoma. Are you related to them?

There is one other low power community radio station starting up in Tacoma. The stations cover slightly different areas and hope to serve the region in different ways, so we will fit well together. We intend on working in concert-- rather than in competition-- with our sibling station.

Q: I heard something… unfortunate on KTQA. What gives?

The radio shows of old bring formats that just aren’t on the radio anymore. Unfortunately, old-time radio also bring old-time sensibilities that can be kind of horrifying to modern ears. We tried to remove the creepy racist stuff, but we’re pretty sure we didn’t get it all. If you hear something objectionable, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll pull it. We’re playing this stuff to be entertaining, not to showcase outmoded social values.

Q: Are you hiring?

We’re a non-profit just getting underway on a volunteer basis. So, no, not really. We may have internships in the future, however.

Q: Can I help?

YES. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: Do you stream online?

Yes! The big logo up top is an audio player! Click on it. Keep in mind that the stream is a radio about a mile away from the transmitter, so there may be some interference.