a tuxedo cat lounges next to a radio atop a side table
KTQA has all kinds of listeners! (photo: S. McIlhiney)

Thank you for contributing to KTQA!  Our listeners and volunteers are so appreciative! Your gift makes it possible to keep bringing you the programming you enjoy on 95.3 FM, and to grow our operations and outreach.  Keep in mind:

    • $95.30 covers our internet costs for a month
    • $200 covers our tower/antenna fees for a month
    • $800 covers our entire overhead for a month
KTQA Engineer Sam stands smiling amid the broadcast board as it's being assembled
Engineer Sam says “Thanks!” (photo: B. Friedman)

As soon as KTQA is granted its IRS determination letter of 501(c)3 status, contributions will be tax-deductible.  Consider reaching out to others to encourage them to make a one-time or sustaining gift to KTQA, so we can continue to amplify the voices and talents of Tacoma and beyond!